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11 – The way forward

A new way forward

I have presented to you, a brand new way of understanding this world.

This demands new religious ideas and spiritual concepts, in order to comprehend this new level of Tarot work.

This could bring a whole new level of unity to the entire world.

I love this world, I devote my entire heart to it. Lets make this an amazing place and time to be alive.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.



© 2015 Steven Glick  All Rights Reserved

10 – Future work

Future work:


11*11 = 108+13 = 121

11 * 11 = 121

This is just a small addition to the formula, 11 is obviously a very holy number and is mentioned quite specifically in The Book of the Law a couple times. 11*11 gives rise to this formula which then gives rise to the rest of the work.

108 + 13 = 121

This is another small addition to the formula I learned. 108 is considered by many religions to be a very holy number, and 13 considered by many to be an inauspicious number. I’m still working on this part, but it came to me in a significant way, so I know there is further work here.


One to One as wordplay.

When you say “One Two One” out loud, it can be interpreted as “One to One”. From this, you can also view 121 as a formula of how individual things relate to each other.

One can be viewed as a Micro or a Macro. Therefor “One to One” can be seen as One(singular, the self) to One(the whole). In another interesting way, you can view this Micro/Macro split much like As Above, So Below.

This dualistic view on the number 1 is fundamentally encoded in our brain. It’s is a function of nature to see individuals and groups as a single whole. The reality is the universe is a series of whole things which makes up a greater whole.


New view on the Trivium

Consider the Trivium as a series of layers which build upon each other.

The first layer, Grammar, has to do with any words or sentences that can be formed. (Any language)

The second layer, Logic, has to do with any logical statements created by those words when put together.

The third layer, Rhetoric, has to do with all potential ways that pieces of logic can be combined together.

“Apple cloth brick outside. North up nighttime when wolf would talk because. Don’t every crystal on the up. Lets dissect potential book stone reasonable thing.”

The above shouldn’t make any sense. While each of those are words, I’ve purposely not put any sort of logic into them. While we can see it is technically English because the words are English, it’s not really English because it lacks grammatical sense. You could take it a step farther and say grammatically correct things that are all “false”, but then you aren’t really ignoring the second layer, you are just purposefully subverting it.

Apples grow on trees. It’s nighttime while I’m writing this. I’m sitting next to my cat. I’m thirsty but I don’t have anything to drink in the fridge.

The above is following the Grammar and Logic layers, all of those things are logical and true, but then I’m purposefully subverting the third layer of Rhetoric, in that I’m not giving any sort of logical connection between each of these statements. While each of these statements can be proven true, there is no greater truth to be had between them.

I’ve really wanting to buy a new Tarot deck that I saw at a store. I don’t have enough money to buy that Tarot deck. I will work extra hours in order to make more money. After earning more money, I can then buy that Tarot deck.

While simplistic, there is a flow and reasoning behind each sentence, and each one builds upon the previous one. While I’m not an expert linguist, I’m pretty sure this is a fundamental pattern of just about every language. I would say, that this layer of information is where you would have most “Ideas”, in the sense that you have to combine multiple pieces of logic together, which then creates new insights. I believe that all political systems can be described in this area as well, but that’s a whole different topic.


Trivium abstracted into Quadrivium

Now that we have a functional system to abstract Word into Logic, and then further refines Logic tested against itself to create Rhetoric, how do we transform this information and go even higher up the stairs? After you’ve applied this same principle of reducing down the information, you have to apply a further level of logic, which then tests all rhetorical ideas against themselves, which then quantifies all of these possible logical structures. Once these structures are quantified into a finite set of arrangements, mathematics can emerge. The rest of the arrangement of the quadrivium is just abstractions of dimensions in numbers.

Once viewed in this way, we can view a very interesting progression of Chaos to Order, going from “Grammar” as Chaos, to “Astronomy” as Order.

Consider for example, in the realm of Grammar, which is the realm of language and symbol, that in different places in the world, the same word can mean different things: e.g. Taco in Mexico is one thing, Taco in Japan is another. You can create a word to mean anything, and anything can be then given a word. There is an inherent chaos to this level, but as you move up, into the realm of logic, all of those words get paired down into possible combinations, and then the logic is further refined in a number of ideas, etc.

Lets consider the “Numbers-Math” layer, and the jump up to Music-2D. Numbers can be abstracted in any way, whether or not they add up is another story, but there is a certain inherent freedom of movement there. Whereas with Music, there is a more limited range in what can be created. In this part of the trivium, they are not just teaching you music for pleasures sake, but rather to study harmonies, to see what numbers work together, what fits and what doesn’t.

If you then abstract even higher up from music to geometry, things are even more controlled. Consider how in music, you can create totally random noise; while it doesn’t sound nice, it doesn’t have to be “structurally sound”, whereas with 3D space, there is a required level of continuity. There is only so much that you can play around with 3D space, it has to fit within its own parameters. And finally, 4D space-time, this one is so ordered, that it is representation of perfect order.


Ordering of Senses according to 5 from winding staircase

Going back to the stairs again, lets take a look at the middle five steps:

  • Tasting
  • Smelling
  • Feeling
  • Seeing
  • Hearing

These are also all out of order, here’s my viewpoint on them. We can first organize these into a couple groups, we can put Seeing and Hearing together, considering what we were just talking about, we can quickly label these the 3D and 2D senses. These two senses don’t directly come into contact with other matter like touching, or tasting and smelling. Seeing and Hearing are from photons bouncing off of something, and vibrations traveling across the air, there is no exchange of material here.

Touching, we can put into its own group in the middle, since it neither gets data from far away, like hearing and seeing, it also doesn’t exchange material with the body, like tasting and smelling do.

Tasting and smelling, both of them obviously linked together, but which of them is more primal? I would say that tasting is, simply because it’s a necessity to eat to survive, whereas smelling would then be an extension of this sense, in order to find things to eat.

So to start with, lets put the first one as Tasting, this is full transfer of material into the body; the second as smelling, which is a slight transfer of material into the body; and the third as touch, which is still coming into contact with something, but then not transferring material.

The final two, seeing and hearing, I would simply say that hearing is probably developed first, simply because its a smaller data-set, and therefor would be quicker to evolve. Eyes as known to be some of the most complex structures inside of bodies, usually only coming in second place to the brain.

With this new arrangement, we can readjust the system as the following:

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Touching
  • Smelling
  • Tasting

If you were were to look at a face they would rank in the same order: Eyes above Ears, above Nose, above Mouth. Obviously touch is omnipresent, so you can’t exactly rank it.

Baphomet as a fractal 5, or 5-5-5

I’ve also figured out something very interesting about Baphomet. There actually is a secret formula hidden within Eliphas Levi’s drawing. It’s long been common knowledge that the body creates an upright pentagram, with two points being the hands, two points being the feet and the top point being the head.

It’s also been observed that the face/head also creates a downward pointing pentagram. If we map out all of the points on the face, we can create a the five pointed shape by connecting the two eyes, the two ears, and the mouth at the bottom.


At some point, I started wondering about the upright star on Baphomet’s head, why is it there and does it serve a purpose?

I remembered that 5 pointed stars actually create a fractal pattern within them. If you start with an upright star, you can create a downward star within it, and then an upright star within that, and then a downward star, ad infinitum:

If we take a picture of Baphomet and draw some pentagrams on it, an interesting pattern emerges:


In a strange way the points on the pentagrams match up well enough to consider the possible idea that this fractal relationship between these parts was on purpose. This Up-Down-Up pentagram arrangement might actually be a key part of understanding Baphomet. I’m still working on the correspondences, but consider the formula: 3 + 5 + 7 = 5 + 5 + 5


Sets of Pairs




The Trumps can also then be viewed as a series of dichotomies:

Fool and World : Self and Other

(Magician and High Priestess) against (Sun and Moon) : Internal vs External

(Lovers/Hierophant)+(Emperor/Empress) / (Judgement/Devil)+(Tower/Justice) : Coagula vs Solve

(Temprence+Hermit+Strength+Chariot) / (Death+Wheel+Stength+Star) : Motion vs Stillness



4-Card Pathways with new ordering System


There are also interesting energy pathways to be explored within the new system of the Trumps. Consider the Planet + Zodiacal Triad for a small 1-2-1 system within the greater 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 system.

Jupiter + Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces
4 angels

Saturn + Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn
Path of initiation

Mars + Aries/Leo/Sagittarius
Path of Power

Venus + Gemini/Libra/Aquarius


The 3 Squares


There are also square/dichotomy based on energy flows between 3 sets of cards

  1. Magician/High Priestess with Sun/Moon
  2. Empress/Emperor with Justice/Tower
  3. Hierophant/Lovers with Devil/Judgement


New Elementals – Dual Dichotomies

Coagula/Solve vs Inner/Outer

  • Water : Internal Coagula
  • Fire : External Solve
  • Earth : External Coagula
  • Air : Internal Solve
  • Imagination = Water
  • Willpower = Fire
  • Physical Creation = Earth
  • Logical Reduction = Air


4 sided die for elemental divination

I’ve received a new system of divination with the elements, I will talk more about this soon.


Magick Squares and Currents

I’ve also come to understand an interesting way to map magickal currents onto magic squares. I will write more about this soon, but the key to understanding this is how the 3-5-7 Masonic Staircase fits the proportions of the 3×3 Magic square.

I will explain this in depth another time.


New qlithotic schools of magick

From the geometries that are created, we can see how the qliphothic Tarot cards can be viewed. From here, we can then create an entire new set of geometries based on them, to create qlithotic schools of magick of the following spiritual systems: the I-Ching, the Chakras, the 357 Winding Stairs and Geomancy.



© 2015 Steven Glick All Rights Reserved

9 – My personal story

My Personal Story

A formula of lives?

Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit can be viewed as a triplicity. I believe that the path of my life, when compared to my lives as Levi and Crowley, also follows a triplicity formula: [Levi – Crowley – Glick]

Eliphas Levi made occult history by being the first person to connect the Tarot cards together with the Hebrew alphabet. At the time, there wasn’t any other information about that sort of a connection. He was the one that pioneered that and realized, “There 22 trump cards, and 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, lets connect these together”

Other occults built on that, but the next major change was when Crowley, when studying divination, noticed the similarities between eastern and western divination, so he took it upon himself to connect these systems together. He also said to himself “In the west they have Tarot, which has 78 cards, and in the east they have the I-Ching which has 64 Hexagrams. Even though they are not equal, lets roughly connect them together the best that we can”.

He dropped the extra Tarot cards, and assigned 64 Tarot cards an I-Ching equivalent. The issue is of course, since 64 doesn’t equal 78, you are missing a few things, and it’s not really “perfect”.

I am the first person to connect Tarot to the Hebrew alphabet through geomancy and the I-Ching with no loss of data and doubled up positions.  While my work can completely stand alone, when it is tied into the previous knowledge of Levi and Crowley, it gives it a much further depth.

When you consider that Crowley hardly wrote anything about the Alubdiz working, and seemed to hardly spend any time with “ABA = 4”, it strikes me as extremely odd that this piece of information hasn’t been expounded on to greater depth. These two lines, prove the truth of what Albudiz communicated:

The name of the book is Aba, and its number IV.’ It was the correspondence of the name and number (ABA = Aleph Beth Aleph = 4)

Wait! Be patient! Work! Deny nothing! The simplest things mean most. You’re on the way. The “Book IV” means freedom to all. It’s the Light.

I believe that my work is the completion of the Abuldiz prophecy.

In the sense that Crowley expounded upon and went in a much different different direction than Levi did, I am also expounding upon and going in another direction than Crowley. For what Levi was to Crowley, Crowley is to me.

The child of thy bowels, he shall behold them.

Expect him not from the East, nor from the West; for from no expected house cometh that child. Aum! All words are sacred and all prophets true; save only that they understand a little; solve the first half of the equation, leave the second unattacked. But thou hast all in the clear light, and some, though not all, in the dark.


100 = 0 and 0 = 2

Lets talk about Crowley’s equation of “0 = 2” for a minute; another way to think of it is as “0 = 1 + -1”. In one sense, “1” and “-1” are the same number, but in another sense, they are fundamentally different things and need to be treated distinctly as individual pieces. As Crowley said:

It is pure enthusiastic delight in the Harmony and Beauty of the System that has led me thus far afield; my one essential purpose is to show how the Universe was derived by these Wise Men from Nothing.
When you have assimilated these two sets of Equations, when you have understood how 0 = 2 is the unique, the simple, and the necessary solution of the Riddle of the Universe, there will be, in a sense, little more for you to learn about the Theory of Magick.


What is interesting about my work with the “100 = 0” formula and Crowley’s “0 = 2” formula, is that they are perfect compliments of each other, but we have achieved these goals in opposite directions. Where Crowley started with the conception of Nothing, and then expounded upon that to create the entire universe. I’ve taken an established formula of the universe, added the missing piece, and balanced it back down to Nothing.

There is only one way to expound “ABA = 4” into this new system of Tarot, and there is only one way to reduce the Tarot back down into a zeroed out equation. My work is a perfect compliment to what Crowley began to establish.


My Personal Transformation.

I’m at a strange place with trying to understand the degree system. Since I view the current understanding of kabbalah as totally wrong and needing to be completely reworked, by extension, so do all of the degrees. However, through my own mystical workings though, I’ve realized that I’m currently at the equivalent of 9=2.

I went through an extreme mystical ordeal my crossing over from 8=3 to 9=2. My experience was that of meeting alternate versions of myself from parallel timelines. I will explain this in more depth later, but my understanding of what happened was that I was able to achieve a level of coherence between these alternate timelines. When people talk about their HGA, what are they really describing? People talk about a “Higher Self” or “More Perfected Self”, but essentially what is it? My current understanding has to do with the idea of coherence, which is similar to the conception of unity, but not exactly the same thing. Simply because unity implies that all things are one and working together, whereas coherence is any number of things working together.

When you make the jump from 7=4 to 8=3, whats going on? I see the “HGA” as a version of your “Most Coherent Self”. Once you reach that place, you have to give it up. Why is that? Because once you’ve achieved that level of individual coherence, you can’t have a vision of your “most coherent self” because you’ve become coherent yourself in that timeline. Where would someone go to advance from there? Simple, the next step is to achieve coherence throughout your timelines side to side. After I jumped to 8=3 and achieved a coherent timeline for myself, the next jump to 9=2 achieved coherence between these four timelines.

I can’t agree with everything that Crowley wrote, simply because he is coming from the viewpoint of a single universe. I fundamentally can’t have that viewpoint any more, so I have to figure it out for myself from here.

The day after the experience I had in communicating with my parallel selves, I was sitting in a ramen shop having lunch. I thought to myself “What the hell happened in meditation last night?!” and was browsing wikipedia, killing some time on my phone waiting for my soup. I was reading about the different magickal grades, and then just after my soup came, I read this line from the title of Magus: “His work is to create a new Universe in accordance with his Will.”

When I read that, I stopped, and I realized that my brain just could not compute it, nor take it in a literal any more. After reading that one line, I realized something: “If you understand parallel Universes, and how all universes come from a series of Multiverses, which is created by an Omniverse. How could you create a new Universe? Every possible Universe that could exist, already does.” I also realized that, in talking to myself in these other timelines, that each of them had a particular type of magick that was unique to them in their respective timelines.

Once I realized that as well, another line from the grade of Magus no longer made sense: “and is a Master of all Magick in its greatest and highest sense.”, I also realized this couldn’t be possible for what I’m doing in this lifetime in a literal way either. In the same way that you can’t be the most graceful ballerina and the worlds strongest power-lifter, my parallel selves have also achieved this level of a dichotomy between them.

Because of that, it’s impossible to be a “Master of ALL Magick” (emphasis mine) simply because there is magick that exists in parallel worlds that is inaccessible. Also, there are new formula that are constantly come out of the study of magick (such that I’m working on) that render older ideas obsolete. It’s impossible to know all of magick, since to learn the newest cutting edge, is to then destroy the older obsolete systems. Being a magus, and doing magick on that level is more of a continuum.

From this point I realized, I need to contact my parallel selves again, I need to begin to structure this experience and create rituals in a 5th dimensional context. I need to create new language, new symbols, new ideas, to explain these things. In fact, I realized, that there is no map for me out there, I have to make my own map. This is really what being a Magus is really all about. The tools and rituals I am working to create, will be as influential and important as the knowledge and conversation of the HGA.


Ipsissimus isn’t the end any more.

While talking to myself in parallel timelines, I had access to information that normally would be impossible to reach.

For that moment, I was accessing more than just myself in this timeline.

How could you go beyond your “Most true self”?

After you’ve hit this level, you can then permanently open the barrier that closes you off from your parallel selves.

If you do this, you would no longer just be your “Most true self”.

You would become your “Most true selves”.

You wouldn’t exist on Earth any more.

You would exist on Earths.


I’m 33 years old

I was born on May 27th, 1982 at 9:22am in Beverly Hills, California.

Chart soon.


My personal items






I bought the wand and dagger in 2013.






I purchased this book on geomancy back in Nov 2012. On the inside cover of the book, it has a label on the inside signifying whom owned it, which was Edward Bacon: .


The important thing to note in this situation, was that he was the half brother of Francis Bacon: . On the inside one of the 2nd volume, there is a note that says that the original copies of this particular text, were owned by Robert Devereux, the 2nd Earl of Essex:,_2nd_Earl_of_Essex .

This is significant because Francis Bacon and him were good friends, and there has even been a hypothesis put out, that they are secretly brothers, but I will get back to that in a little bit. While I can’t place this volume directly in the hands of Francis Bacon, there is something very interesting about the ownership and timing of these books. In the notes regarding Robert Devereux, it says that the ownership of this book changed hands after Robert Devereux was executed for high treason, which happened in 1601.


What’s really significant about this though, is just a few years after that, Francis Bacon released information on a new system of cryptography in 1605. This is from the following on the history of binary from wikipedia, these two paragraphs are right next to each other:

“Other cultures[edit]
The residents of the island of Mangareva in French Polynesia were using a hybrid binary-decimal system before 1450.[13] Slit drums with binary tones are used to encode messages across Africa and Asia.[5] Sets of binary combinations similar to the I Ching have also been used in traditional African divination systems such as Ifá as well as in medieval Western geomancy. The base-2 system utilized in geomancy had long been widely applied in sub-Saharan Africa.

Western predecessors to Leibniz[edit]
In 1605 Francis Bacon discussed a system whereby letters of the alphabet could be reduced to sequences of binary digits, which could then be encoded as scarcely visible variations in the font in any random text.[14] Importantly for the general theory of binary encoding, he added that this method could be used with any objects at all: “provided those objects be capable of a twofold difference only; as by Bells, by Trumpets, by Lights and Torches, by the report of Muskets, and any instruments of like nature”.[14] (See Bacon’s cipher.)”


“The writer must make use of two different typefaces for this cipher. After preparing a false message with the same number of letters as all of the As and Bs in the real, secret message, two typefaces are chosen, one to represent As and the other Bs. Then each letter of the false message must be presented in the appropriate typeface, according to whether it stands for an A or a B.[1]
To decode the message, the reverse method is applied. Each “typeface 1” letter in the false message is replaced with an A and each “typeface 2″ letter is replaced with a B. The Baconian alphabet is then used to recover the original message.

Any method of writing the message that allows two distinct representations for each character can be used for the Bacon Cipher. Bacon himself prepared a Biliteral Alphabet[2] for handwritten capital and small letters with each having two alternative forms, one to be used as Aand the other as B. This was published as an illustrated plate in his De Augmentis Scientiarum (The Advancement of Learning).

Because any message of the right length can be used to carry the encoding, the secret message is effectively hidden in plain sight. The false message can be on any topic and thus can distract a person seeking to find the real message.”


In fact, there is a small section of the book where it talks about how to divinate names via geomantic figures






If Francis Bacon had this book or the original, it would be very easy for him to come up with this encryption scheme. I’m still doing my own research, but considering all of the interesting theories about how Francis Bacon could be connected to the true origins of Shakespear’s works, along with the alleged encryption that might have gone on, these books might be essential in cracking that. I’m not sure where I stand with this, but considering Francis’s relationship with his half brother and the Earl of Essex, it’s within reason that the origin of this knowledge could be from these books.


Encyption in the Book of the Law


My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the priest of the princes, shall not in one letter change this book; but lest there be folly, he shall comment thereupon by the wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.
Change not as much as the style of a letter; for behold! thou, o prophet, shalt not behold all these mysteries hidden therein.

The child of thy bowels, he shall behold them.

Expect him not from the East, nor from the West; for from no expected house cometh that child. Aum! All words are sacred and all prophets true; save only that they understand a little; solve the first half of the equation, leave the second unattacked. But thou hast all in the clear light, and some, though not all, in the dark.



Nor shall they who cry aloud their folly that thou meanest nought avail; thou shall reveal it: thou availest: they are the slaves of because: They are not of me. The stops as thou wilt; the letters? change them not in style or value!

Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.


Ra Hoor Khuit

This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all. Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his child & that strangely. Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it.


/r/Tarot and /r/Bacon

My main account is “omfgninja” I’ve had account there for 8 years. When they launched the feature to start a new subreddit, I created a bunch of subreddits about things I was interested in at the time. Two of the subreddits that I’m the founder and lead moderator for are /r/Tarot and /r/Bacon . Reddit’s love of bacon can actually be traced back to when I started the subreddit and started advertising it. I started both of these subreddits back in 2008. I didn’t crack the Tarot until 9/2011, I didn’t buy this book on geomancy until 9/2012. The first “rough draft” version of my correspondence work with many of the systems I’ve described, fit together was at 5/2013. I bought Crowley’s wand in 7/2013 and then Levi’s dagger in 8/2013, which was the item that triggered my knowledge of my previous lives.







Sigil of Steven Glick

The realization of my work and the seal of One million, two hundred and forty eight thousand, four hundred and twenty one.




© 2015 Steven Glick All Rights Reserved

8 – The Antichrist



Book of Law and Tahuti

A feast for Tahuti and the child of the Prophet–secret, O Prophet!


Tahuti and the Ogdoad.

The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket, Huh and Hauhet. The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes.[1] Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the male gods and female goddesses; indeed, the names of the females are merely derivative female forms of the male name. Essentially, each pair represents the male and female aspect of one of four concepts, namely the primordial waters (Nu and Naunet), air or invisibility (Amun and Amaunet), darkness (Kuk and Kauket), and eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet).[2]

In the former version, a mound arises from the waters. An egg was laid upon this mound by a celestial bird. The egg contained Ra. In some variants, the egg is laid by a cosmic goose. However, the egg was also said to have been a gift from Thoth, and laid by an ibis, the bird with which he was associated.



Ogdoad and 1248421 in Secret Teaching of All Ages.

The ogdoad–8–was sacred because it was the number of the first cube, which form had eight corners, and was the only evenly-even number under 10 (1-2-4-8-4-2-1). Thus, the 8 is divided into two 4’s, each 4 is divided into two 2’s, and each 2 is divided into two 1’s, thereby reestablishing the monad. Among the keywords of the ogdoad are love, counsel, prudence, law, and convenience. Among the divinities partaking of its nature were Panarmonia, Rhea, Cibele, Cadmæa, Dindymene, Orcia, Neptune, Themis, and Euterpe (a Muse).




Eliphas Levi and the Seal of Hermes

He who decides to devote himself seriously to magical works, after fortifying his mind against all danger of hallucination and fright, must purify himself without and within for forty days. The number forty is sacred, and its very figure is magical. In Arabic numerals it consists of the circle, which is a type of infinite, and of the 4, which sums the triad by unity. In Roman numerals, arranged after the following manner, it represents the sign of the fundamental doctrine of Hermes and the character of the Seal of Solomon:

From: Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi.
Eliphas Levi and Ogdoad and Anti-Christ



THE Ogdoad is the number of reaction and of equilibrating justice. {37}

Every action produces a reaction.

This is the universal law of the world.

Christianity must needs produce anti-Christianity.

Antichrist is the shadow, the foil, the proof of Christ.

Antichrist already produced itself in the Church in the time of the Apostles: St. Paul said:—“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked One be revealed. …”9

The Protestants said: “Antichrist is the Pope.”

The Pope replied: “Every heretic is an Antichrist.”

The Antichrist is no more the Pope than Luther; the Antichrist is the spirit opposed to that of Christ.

It is the usurpation of right for the sake of right; it is the pride of domination and the despotism of thought.

It is the selfishness, self-styled religious, of Protestants, as well as the credulous and imperious ignorance of bad Catholics.

The Antichrist is what divides men instead of uniting them; it is a spirit of dispute, the obstinacy of the theologians and sectarians, the impious desire of appropriating the truth to oneself, and excluding others from it, or of forcing the whole world to submit to the narrow yoke of our judgments.

The Antichrist is the priest who curses instead of blessing, who drives away instead of attracting, who scandalizes instead of edifying, who damns instead of saving.

It is the hateful fanaticism which discourages good-will.

It is the worship of death, sadness, and ugliness. {38}

From: Key of the Mysteries by Eliphas Levi.


The Book of the Law

Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet

We don’t need to do anything fancy or complicated, just keep it simple:

  1. Greater Beast
  2. A Beast of Earth
  3. Antichrist
  4. World Lord
  5. Apocalyptic
  6. Revelation
  7. Seven Seals
  8. The Lake of Fire
  9. I am Alpha and Omega
  10. God Almighty
  11. Second Coming



© 2015 Steven Glick All Rights Reserved

7 – Astrological connections and a new ordering of the cards.

 Astrological connections and a new ordering of the cards

As we can see from the swapping of the Judgement and The Moon, I realized there are probably other swaps that need to be made to reveal the true structure of the Major Arcana.

From here, I began try to figure out what the true placement for each card should be. The first thing I worked to resolve were the orderings of the triad (3) cards against the (7) planetary cards. From the original pattern, we can see that these two groups are on opposite ends. Once I establish which side is which, the cards between those groups would then be mapped to the zodiac.

After trying both arrangements, I decided that the 3 elemental forces of “Fire – Water – Air” would be connected to the bottom 3 cards of The Sun for Fire, The Moon for Water, and The Earth for Air. The opposite side of the pattern, must then be connected to the planets.

Ordering for the top 7 cards from astrological symbols

Knowing that the cards up were associated to the planets, I began researching different ways to pieces of information to connect these systems together.

When looking at the glyphs for each of the seven planets, we can see that they are created from three fundamental symbols:

  1. Circle:   0     – Representing the Sun
  2. Crescent:   (    – Representing the Moon
  3. Cross:   +    – Representing the Earth

The Sun and Moon are represented by just a Circle and a Crescent, but the other 5 planets are made up of multiple symbols combined together.

Mercury is a Crescent above a Circle above a Cross, which is Moon-Sun-Earth.

Jupiter is a Crescent attached to the upper part of a Cross: Moon over Earth.

Saturn is a Crescent attached to the lower part of a Cross: Earth over Moon.

Venus is a Circle above a Cross: Sun over Earth

The symbol for Mars is a little different. It has become more stylized than any of the others over the years, and at one point had a cross above a circle at an angle. Over time it has turned into more of an arrow. While alchemy would later use the symbol of a Cross over a Circle to represent antimony, we can then see Mars as possibly having an older connection to this symbol of a Cross over a Circle.

What’s important about that though, is that it creates 3 groups of planets, a group with 3 symbols used (1 planet, Mercury), a group with 1 symbols used (2 planets, Sun and Moon), and a group of planets with 2 symbols used (4 planets, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).

We can then lay these symbols out into the 1 – 2 – 4 pattern. I connected the symbols together, and came up with the following correspondences:

  • 0 – Fool – Mercury
  • 1 – Magician – Sun
  • 2 – High Priestess – Moon
  • 3 -The  Empress – Venus
  • 4 – The Emperor – Mars
  • 5 – The Hierophant – Saturn
  • 6 – The Lovers – Jupiter


I was happy with this arrangement and began looking for other evidence to  confirm it, which I found with the REBIS alchemical diagram:


This 1-2-4 structure is the compliment to the 8 – 4 – 2 – 1 pattern from Geomancy. Now that we have pinned down the planets and the triad, we can figure out the proper ordering for the zodiac in the middle.


Using the “Triplets” from Geomancy to establish the order of the Zodiac

From a study of how geomantic charts are created, we can begin to figure out the proper ordering of the Zodiac within the cards. To create a horoscope from a geomantic shield chart, you take the results from the 12 figures created from the 8 and 4 boxes, and then the figures 3 from the 2 and 1 boxes as its own result. Example diagram from a geomancy website:


From these triplicities, we can then group together the zodiac signs by element, with each triplicities representing its own element. In order to map out the elements, I realized that Water and Earth had to be on the Feminine side with of the Moon, whereas Fire and Air had to be on the Masculine side with the Sun.

In order to figure out which position meant what, for each part of the triplicity, I realized that two of the the signs in the group would have to be dichotomies of each other, and one of them would have to stand alone. I came up with the ordering of cardinal being the single piece, and then the dichotomy of fixed and mutable.

From here, I attached the 4 cardinal signs to that related grouping of cards in the pattern, and lined them up in the following way:

  1. Venus above Libra (Ruler)
  2. Mars above Aries (Ruler)
  3. Saturn above Capricorn (Ruler)
  4. Jupiter above Cancer (Exalted)

From here, I considered which side should be which for the Fixed / Mutable dichotomy. I came to the conclusion that when considering an astrological chart, the Sun is the fixed object, whereas the Moon is the one that moves far more in relation, and should be considered the mutable one. From this, I decided to give the right side the position of the fixed sign, and the left side the mutable sign.

With only the Moon and Judgement being swapped, it didn’t still seem quite right. For example, Temperance as Pisces made sense, Scorpio as Death also made sense, and Cancer might work.  Aries as The Tower seems to fit, but The Hermit as Leo didn’t fit. The rest of the zodiac didn’t quite seem right. I took some time and rearranged the cards with as few swaps as I could, until I came out with the following ordering that made the most sense to me.

  1. Aries: The Tower
  2. Taurus: The Hanged Man
  3. Gemini: The Chariot
  4. Cancer: Judgement
  5. Leo: Strength
  6. Virgo: The Hermit
  7. Libra: Justice
  8. Scorpio: Death
  9. Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune
  10. Capricorn: Devil
  11. Aquarius: The Star
  12. Pisces: Temperance

While a couple of the associations seem a little strange a first, this is the most accurate I could get it, and as I’ve studied it, it’s made more sense to me over time.  Unless I can find a new piece of evidence that contradicts it, or a new way to order them that seems more natural, this is the ordering I’m going with.

New Trump Ordering:

0 – Fool – Mercury
1 – Magician – Sun
2 – High Priestess – Moon
3 – The Empress – Venus
4 – The Emperor – Mars
5 – The Hierophant – Saturn
6 – The Lovers – Jupiter
7 – The Star – Aquarius
8 – The Chariot – Gemini
9 – Strength – Leo
10 – The Wheel of Fortune – Sagittarius
11 – The Hanged Man – Taurus
12 – The Hermit – Virgo
13 – Death – Scorpio
14 – Temperance – Pisces
15 – Justice – Libra
16 – The Tower – Aries
17 – The Devil – Capricorn
18 – Judgement – Cancer
19 – The Sun – Fire
20 – The Moon – Water
21 – The World – Air




Interesting new connections with number associations:

1 = Magician – Many magicians in a spiritual sense have been seen as Solar in nature.

2 = High Priestess – There is an obvious connection between the feminine and the moon. In fact, the moon is displayed quite prominently on the card.

7 = Star. 7 pointed stars play a major role in many spiritual systems, especially Thelema.

8 = Gemini. 8 is perfectly balanced number, especially when we take into consideration how the number 8 is connected to the geometry of the Ogdoad. This is a perfect number to symbolize a balanced duality.

11 = The Hanged Man – This connection was a little strange for me at first, but after I did some thinking, I realized that it actually fits well in an interesting regard from a perspective of the card that has been overlooked historically. The Hanged Man was originally viewed simply as a traitor, whom was hung upside down as a punishment. In many older versions of the card, there are coins falling out of his pockets. If we take this historic view on an emphasis on gaining money, perhaps even through an illicit context, a connection to Taurus make some sense.

10 = The Wheel of Fortune – Sagittarius is often associated with traveling, so it seems appropriate that its connected to a wheel, which is essential for many vehicles to move.

14 = Temperance. Pisces is connected to the feet and water, so it’s interested how this card places a special detail on the angel’s feet, with one being in water and the other on land.

15 = Justice. As I’ve shown, there is an amazing level of balance to the number 15 through the formula: 3+5+7 = 15. In a certain sense, 15 can be viewed as a perfectly balanced number, since its always the result from adding up any row, column or diagonal on the 3×3 magic square. This makes a lot of sense then as a number that would be connected to Libra.

17 = Devil. There is an interesting connection with how the number 17 is viewed historically in Italy (from

OK, so why is 17 the only unlucky number out of the three? Well, the most accredited explanation is that 17 in Roman numerals is written XVII, which can become the anagram of VIXI, a Latin word which was inscribed on Roman tombs, meaning“vissi”, (“I lived”), and implying that “I’m now dead”. For this reason XVII, (17) was considered inauspicious.

18 = Judgement – At first, this connection to Cancer didn’t make much sense, but after thinking about it for a little while, I realized that there are some interesting symbolic parallels. Crabs are one of the animals that will shed its shell and regrow itself in a continuous way throughout their life. If we look at Judgement (or Aeon) as a rebirthing process, the idea of a crab constantly renewing its outside appearance makes perfect sense. On some what of a funny note, Cancers are sometimes known to be judgmental people.


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6 – Comparing the old way of viewing the Tarot, against this new understanding.

Comparing the old way of  viewing the Tarot, against this new understanding.


Why the current Tree of Life is wrong.

I don’t see the current structure of the Tree of Life as correct, and it needs to be completely reevaluated.  The way that I actually recognized this 1-2-1 pattern initially was through playing hearts and spades with my family. Both of these games are derivatives of the original game of Tarot, and still retain the original 1-2-1 trick taking structure. This pattern had long been burned deep into my childhood memories.

If we take this new information from the original game of Tarot, along with the connections to geomancy, radically challenges the current conception of The Tree of Life.

Most people like to think about current model of The Tree of Life as some sort of ancient thing, it’s really not. You can trace back the current structure that’s commonly understood, to some time in about the 1500s. Back then, it was a bunch of really smart Jewish mystics that got together, and took everything they knew about the Hebrew language along with other related spiritual information, and then created their best guess at fitting these things together.  While it does a decent job, there is no definitive version of it. There are many disagreements about the attributes, many strange unresolved issues with understanding it

However, geomancy predates all of the work on the tree of life by hundreds of years. When calculating horoscopes with it, the system goes that you first random data is created into the first 8 boxes, then calculated down into the 4 boxes below, then another calculation to 2 boxes, and then a final one to the last box. How they create a horoscopes, is by taking those first 12 boxes, from the 8 and 4, and then putting them into a zodiac arrangement. The final 3, the boxes 2 and 1, then get their own interpretation separately. Some examples from texts on geomancy:



Geomancy already has these proportions encoded into it. The formula of (8+4) + (2+1), which is 12 + 3. If you already know the proportions of the Hebrew alphabet, you would know that 3, 7 and 12 are significant numbers. If you then also knew how to create a geomantic chart, would also then have a formula to get the numbers 12 + 3. It wouldn’t then be that difficult to then figure out how to fit the remaining 7 missing pieces.

Since the knowledge of geomancy and the Hebrew alphabet are both much older than medieval Kabbalah, this 1-2-4-8 pattern then has historical precedent, and then calls into question the validity of the current interpretation of the tree of life.

European scholars and universities began to translate Arabic texts and treatises in the early Middle Ages, including those on geomancy. Isidore of Seville lists geomancy with other methods of divination including pyromancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, and necromancy without describing its application or methods;[5] it could be that Isidore of Seville was listing methods of elementalscrying more than what is commonly known as geomancy. The poem Experimentarius attributed to Bernardus Silvestris, who wrote in the middle of the 12th century, was a verse translation of a work on astrological geomancy. One of the first discourses on geomancy translated into Latin was the Ars Geomantiae of Hugh of Santalla; by this point, geomancy must have been an established divination system in Arabic-speaking areas of Africa and the Middle East.


The Tree of LIfe as it is currently known, is a construct from the Medieval period:

Traditional practitioners believe its earliest origins pre-date world religions, forming the primordial blueprint for Creation’s philosophies, religions, sciences, arts, and political systems.[5] Historically, Kabbalah emerged, after earlier forms of Jewish mysticism, in 12th- to 13th-century Southern France and Spain, becoming reinterpreted in the Jewish mystical renaissance of 16th-century Ottoman Palestine. It was popularised in the form of Hasidic Judaism from the 18th century onwards.


The tree of life as it is known, is the best guess interpretation that these guys could come up with. People have been moving things around and changing the structure of the tree of life for hundreds of years; there really isn’t any one definitive interpretation of it.

As an example, some versions of the tree of life connect the very bottom sephira to only one place, where others connect it to three other sephirot:

Things like the “tree of life” mapped onto the “flower of life” are actually modern attributions, like this for example:

While it looks nice, there isn’t any sort of historical precedent for it.

In fact, if you go back to much older kabbalah, especially when looking at drawings from the medieval period, it even looks less like it does today. Notice the area right under the supernal triad, where da’ath is currently said to be:
The Tree of Life wasn’t a random construction. They started with a certain set of numbers, specially the groups of 3, 12 and 7 from the Hebrew alphabet. Another thing that they had been trying to figure out and “prove” for a long time is the supposed secret, in that if you knew the true secret structure of the alphabet, it would reveal the number Pi. There’s actually a fictional movie that touches on this idea, it’s a little dated now, but I still enjoy it. It’s obviously enough called “Pi”:

Here’s one example of a system to try to get Pi out from these numbers.  It has to use quite a bit of roundabout reasoning to arrive at it’s conclusions:

Here’s another way that someone tried to calculate it out:

The question then becomes, where does all of this stuff really come from? How can we know whats really right or not? I’ve had to ask myself this question quite a bit, and I realized it came down to a couple main determining factors for me.

On one hand, it takes hundreds of pages to explain why the tree of life is the way it is, and you can only start with material from about the 15th century onward.

Or on the other hand, you can start with a universal mathematical pattern, that has historical precedent back in the 12th century, which simply and easily pops out the most important numbers in kabbalah lore, without having to use a single line of reasoning or justification.

Another thing to consider, is when these mystics would have been thinking about these things down initially thousands of years ago, they didn’t have the complex math we have today to try to calculate Pi in all sorts of exotic ways. 22/7 is the smallest and most accurate way to get Pi from doing math with integers. 1+2+4+8+4+2+1 adds up to 22. This creates 7 groups of numbers. By arranging this pattern, you are splitting 22 things into 7 groups, 22 into 7, 22/7 = 3.14… With this system, you can slip the entire formula into a paragraph without even having to do any sort of roundabout reasoning.

While it is a lot to consider, you have to wonder, where does the Kabbalah REALLY come from? If we can now explain it with math in a much simpler and easier way than what the current version is, especially with the fact that these patterns predate the modern conception by centuries, can we even then be sure that the current version is right?

When you set up the trumps into this 1248421 pattern, it fit many systems immediately and perfectly. You can create this pattern with the historical card game of Tarocchi. Once you set up this pattern though, it connects to I-Ching and geomancy in very interesting ways. You can then also map the groups of cards, in how they create that 3-5-7 pattern to the winding staircase and to the 3-5-7 sequence in the 3 by 3 magic square (aka square of Saturn). As well as the dimensional work with the Trivium and Quadrivium connecting the the majors to the Chakras as well.

Each one of these systems connected up, quickly and easily, it was only the Tree of Life that wouldn’t fit. The rest of these systems made very tight correspondences. From my research on historical playing cards, there might be further evidence that there are more cards connected to this that go even further back. In my opinion, the structure that I’ve shown with 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 is the most correct way to understand the tree of life, all of Magick needs to be rebuild around it.


A new understanding of the I-Ching as Vectors

In order to fully explain how the I-Ching connects, let me start with a very basis diagram from it, these are the 8 trigrams:

A full I-Ching reading is made from a 2 trigrams, which creates a hexagram. There are 8 trigrams, and 64 hexagrams, since 8 * 8 = 64 possible combinations:

Even though each hexagram has a unique meaning unto itself, each of the two trigrams retains its individuality. The common way to look them up, is through a table, with one above the other:

My question is then, on a fundamental level, what IS a trigram or hexagram? is it an actual THING? or?

There have been many theories as to what the trigrams and hexagrams are, many people have put together systems where they try to map everything out into a logical order. Here are a few ways that people have tried to connect this stuff together:

While some of these diagrams might seem interesting, or holding worthwhile information. Consider the following diagram:

There are only two things that make up the entirety of the system, and that’s solid lines and broken lines. It’s easy to think about as just simple coin flips for example. With each flip of the coin, it selects one or the other, a solid line, or a broken line; which represent yin and yang. You repeat the process, and get the next line, at which point there are 4 possible outcomes, another flip, and now there are 8 possible outcomes. The binary pattern that’s created is the Trigram.

You repeat this process again, to make another Trigram, for a total of 6 flips. Once you have the hexagram completed, you then look it up in a chart.

What’s interesting though, and important about this process, is that this binary nature mirrors how computers hold information in memory:

There have been many systems created with the data from the I-Ching, where it starts at a central point, and then splits into two thing, then splits into four, then 8, 16, 32, then finally 64, like this:

This system I’m describing connects all of the data from the I-Ching and makes things fit together, not only together with the Tarot, in less space than other systems created by just the I-Ching alone.
Here’s an example of how someone tried to connect the trigrams to a tree of life:

Here’s another example of a failed attempt to connect together the I-Ching to the Tree of Life.

As an example of how these things can connect, see how these two different diagrams of the Trigrams I’ve picked, connects to the original pattern:


Chart on the top:

Chart on the bottom:

When we map the I-Ching in this way, instead of seeing each Hexagram as an actual thing, we can instead view it as a series of vectors that show the movement of energy. We can view the 22 trumps in their 1248421 arrangement as points of information, and then the 64 hexagrams as the connection ways between those points, as a series of vectors.


Crowley’s I-Ching off

It’s important to note, that Crowley was the first person to attempt to map the I-Ching to the Tarot. While he ultimately wasn’t successful in mapping it perfectly, he was correct in his assertion to connect these two systems together. With Crowley’s method, he mapped the 64 hexagrams to 64 of the 78 Tarot cards, but this method of understanding these two systems completely transcends these older views of mapping these systems directly to each other. Instead, they must be mapped between each other.


What is the correct ordering of the Trumps? It’s now from 0 to 21, with 0 at the top.

In fact, while this might seem strange at first, consider it like this with just two cards, The Fool and The World. Which should be on top of which? It’s The Fool that stands on top of The World. The bottom of kabbalistic tree is malkuth, which is the world. If each of us contains a piece of divinity, then “The Fool” is actually the reflection of Kether.


Crowley vs. Waite

After finding all of this initially, I started looking into who might have known about this pattern. Some of the results were shocking to me. The “Crowley vs. Waite” debate is actually further deepened, especially when all of this information comes to light. There is some very strong evidence, that Waite might have known this true 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 structure, but I can’t say for sure.

If you look at Waite’s deck and examine the Empress card closely, he actually encoded a secret into it. The card number is 3, so there is a 3 at the top. She has dozen stars on her crown, which represent the 12 zodiac signs, and 7 pearls on her necklace the 7 classical planets. In the pictorial key, he does mention the 12 and 7, but doesn’t mention how they connect, especially to the 3 above them. Of course though when you add them all up from top to bottom, 3+12+7 = 22.

Not only does Waite secretly encode the 22 into the Empress, but he does it in the 3 / 12 / 7 order that can be had from how 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 can be viewed as: (1+2)+(4+8)+(4+2+1)

The next thing, is a little strange, but more proof toward for this structure. In Waite’s pictorial key he mentions the Ogdoad in the section about the Magician (, whats interesting though, is that I’ve seen how the Ogdoad fits the description of how the Trumps can be viewed in this pattern. The only place I’ve ever been able to find someone write out 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 in a spiritual context, is actually Manly P. Hall talking about the Ogdoad:

The ogdoad–8–was sacred because it was the number of the first cube, which form had eight corners, and was the only evenly-even number under 10 (1-2-4-8-4-2-1). Thus, the 8 is divided into two 4’s, each 4 is divided into two 2’s, and each 2 is divided into two 1’s, thereby reestablishing the monad. Among the keywords of the ogdoad are love, counsel, prudence, law, and convenience. Among the divinities partaking of its nature were Panarmonia, Rhea, Cibele, Cadmæa, Dindymene, Orcia, Neptune, Themis, and Euterpe (a Muse).

I think it’s intentional, but I can’t be sure since I haven’t found anything else yet in his texts that directly connects to that. I might have overlooked another reference to it, there is so much to go through, but eventually I will investigate this connection further. It it was intentionally written out like this, then it this knowledge would have been out there to some degree.

When it then comes to who was right in the “Crowley vs Waite” debate, its kind of a strange situation. Waite might have known the structure, but he didn’t connect up the I-Ching stuff, since he was a Christian and I’m unaware of him using that system at all. Unless there is secret writing that Waite did on the I-Ching, I don’t know any connection between him and that. Crowley obviously didn’t know this pattern, because he would have written about it for sure, but by connecting the I-Ching to the Tarot and having his book named “Liber ABA, Book 4” it shows that he was correct in that regard. This proves, that neither of them had all of the information, both of them just had pieces at best.


Judgement and The Moon, swapped?

Once we take a view of the Tarot in a 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 arrangement, we can start to see some interesting pairs of cards pop up. For example, there is a clear dichotomy between The Magician and The High Priestess.  You can also view these dichotomies going from above to below as well though, for example, The Fool and The World, or The Magician and The Sun.

I noticed though, that some things didn’t quite fit, so I tried moving some cards around and had some very interesting results. For example, when you then look at Judgement and The Sun, there isn’t any sort of obvious connection or dichotomy between these two.

However, if you take Judgement, and swap its places with The Moon. Notice now how the High Priestess then lines up vertically with the Moon, the Sun lines up vertically with The Magician, and how the Sun and Moon are then on the same level. Judgement also has an interesting dichotomy with The Lovers above it. Once I saw this, I realized that these two spots were actually swapped on purpose.



The World vs. The Universe. Which is right? Which is wrong?

In continuing to examine these Tarot decks, if we take a look at the Thoth deck, we can find an interesting discrepancy created by changing “The World” to “The Universe”.

Viewed with this new ordering notice the how the high priestess (feminine) and magician (masculine) are connected to the fool. There is an obvious dichotomy the two cards of Magician and High Priestess. Once you swap Judgement and Moon, once the Sun and Moon on the same line it shows their dualistic nature.

When you talk about the Earth, Sun and Moon as actual celestial objects, there is a clear relationship each other: Moon obits the Earth, which orbits the Sun. On the contrary though, if you were to swap in “The Universe” into this “Sun and Moon” relationship, the scope of the universe contains billions and billions of suns and moons. It throws the whole higher and lower aspects off. If you were to use my interpretation of putting card 21 at the bottom, it only makes sense to have it be the earth, since it’s equivalent placement would be malkuth on the tree of life.


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5 – New views on the cards

New views on the cards

1 / 121 / 12421 / 1248421 as a natural pattern

What is maybe one of the strangest things of all here, is how all of these formula can be derived through the initial formula of 1+2+1. In looking around for more information for this pattern, I noticed that it would pop up in strange places, particularly programming exercises. This 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 is a fundamentally simple mathematical pattern, that reapers all of the time without people realizing it.

There is a hypothesis that I’m still working on, but consider the logic. If you take the idea of evolution and apply it to social constructs, you get what Dawkin’s has called memes. What if you then took this same idea that these social structures can evolve, and then applied it to systems of divination? If you could make a “evolutionary tree” of divination systems, could you then begin to track the fitness of individual systems through their mathematical complexity and coherence? Could you test these systems against mathematics to see how robust they are, and then compare its structure against other established systems?

With this finding of the pattern of 1248421 in the Tarot, might be able to begin to create an “Evolutionary Tree of Divination”, and begin to connect all of these things together by seeing how their mathematical models connect.

Once you’ve done that though, and start ranking systems of divination on fitness, you come into somewhat strange mental territory. Fitness implies that one system works better than another, if you can then prove that one system of divination works better than another, you are implicitly accepting that divination has to work on some sort of fundamental level.

This pattern is so simple, repeatable, and universal, here it is a dozen different places it’s popped up in coding. Of course, none of these people have any any idea the significance of what they have written out.

Once you understand this pattern, and if you believe in evolution, you then have to accept this system as a mathematical truth that can be rebuilt from simple logic. In fact, you are then almost compelled to see that the Tarot evolved like this. Because it reflects this universal pattern so well, it must be extremely fit. Not only could the pattern of Tarot cards re-evolve from from nothing, it’s almost guaranteed that its happened many times throughout the universe. If you believe in evolution and life on other planets, then it must also be true that there are cards, just like the Tarot, on other planets as well.

My work on understanding this piece of evidence is still in development, but it at least shows that this is an extremely universal mathematical pattern, which gives further proof that this ordering is the correct way.


Evolution of Systems

After seeing how all of these things connect together, I noticed an interesting and lost continuity in some of these systems. If we take geomancy as the precursor to the Tarot, we can draw a connection from Geomancy all of the way through to the MBTI.

Geomancy -> Tarot -> Jung -> MBTI

Geomancy turned into the Tarot, which informed Carl Jung’s theory of personality, which shaped the development of the MBTI.

I’m actually not the first person to notice a parallel between Geomancy and the MBTI. But as far as I can tell, no one has been able to highlight where this lost gap in knowledge was from.  For example:


Viewing the I-Ching and Hebrew alphabet as exact opposites

With this new viewpoint, you can perfectly map the I-Ching inside of the Tarot Major Arcana. The way to this, isn’t by mapping a 1 to 1 ratio of a single Hexagram to a single card, the relationship is actually, each piece of a hexagram represents an energy pathways between each of the Trumps. With this system, you don’t need to drop any of the data, or make any strange connections. They are mirror images of each other. Where the Tarot cards represent individual points of energy, the Yin and Yang are acting as vector pathways. It’s similar to a particle in physics, in that we can either know its position, or its movement, but not both. It’s either a point, or it’s a vector.

This view of how the Hebrew alphabet and I-Ching are mirrors is fundamentally revolutionary, since before people were just guessing at what connected to what. Now we can now show mathematically that you can recreate the data set of one, from another. In fact, if you just draw out those 22 points, and then connect the dots vertically, it will create this binary sequence. From there, if you draw out the hexagrams in as simple a form as possible, and connect them up with the yin/yang at top and at the bottom, it will give you just enough room to create those 22 points between the lines. These things are exact opposites.

This creates a brand new viewpoint from which to study these things. Consider that from one view, you can then study how the hexagrams could fit with the Tree of life and Hebrew letters; This would be viewpoint number 1. Another view point would be to see how the Hebrew letters fit with the hexagram patterns from the I-Ching; this is viewpoint number 2.

Once you see that both of these systems are just abstractions off of one deeper mathematical system, you can view them as these exact opposites. Because of this, now creates a new 3rd viewpoint. You can now view the Hebrew alphabet and I-Ching as just two sets of information; with which to take an equal view of studying how the two work together in harmony; This is new higher holistic third view point.

In fact, if we keep going with this idea, we can look at this Tarot structure, Tree of Life structure, Winding Staircase structure, Geomancy Structure, etc, as all just abstractions off of a Monad. For example, as I have shown with the programming exercises, this sequence naturally starts off with the number 1. The number 1 is what 121 is abstracted from.
But then it also shows up in an interesting ways, such as in Pascal’s triangle, as an exponent of 11 (3rd line):


What is the fundamental difference then between these views of the Tree of Life?

Besides how the symbols are laid out, what is the fundamental difference this new view of the Tree of Life, against the old view? The old view is a constructed model which has information mapped onto it, whereas the new version is a mathematical model which information mapped to it.

While these two things sound almost identical, at their core they are radically different. The current tree is a 2-dimensional map that has been constructed and changed over centuries.  From this 2 dimensional construct, many attributes and pieces of information have been applied to it. I’m going to talk more about this in the next post.

The new version of the tree, starts with a mathematical foundation, and then lets the structure rise from that. Only after this structure has been created, is then information, symbols, logic and everything else applied to it. The older versions were created from that very sort of just making it fit the best it could, that it hasn’t been reviewed or tested for a completely different way to understand it at its very core.

All of the lore and texts, any sort of ideas and connections, these could all be simply viewed as information. Both versions of the tree will have this information, it’s the structure that has changed. Both of these versions of the tree have the same essential symbols, but these symbols are then projected onto a 2D map in the old version, rather than arising from it with the new.


Map is not the territory. The Magick is in the conciousness change, not the model.

If the current model of the Tree of LIfe is wrong, then how does any magick work at all?  There are so many magickal systems out there, some that obviously work well, whereas there are others that don’t seem as effective. What is the difference then? I would say that the more efficient the model of magick, the more accurate and effective the result.

There are so many different religions and mystical systems in this world, in a certain sense, they can’t all be literally “right”, but on another plane of viewing the situation, we all exist here together on earth, and person can learn any one of these systems. There has to be some deeper universal reasoning that shows where they are all created from.  When you look at all of these mystical systems together in a very bare form, they seem to all share one common key purpose. They are tools and systems to create change in consciousness. All language, logical systems, rhetoric, and forms of magick, are systems of consciousness manipulation. I’m not implying this in a negative sense, but in very bare terms of, this is the fundamental function of how these changes operate. Mathematics, and all other number systems (the quadrivium) are about how consciousness fits within physical parameters.

When looking at the Tree of Life as it’s known now, we can view it as a 2D map of the universe with a very complete set of consciousness related symbols, which can be manipulated. The magick itself, is the consciousness change due to the interaction with those symbols, it’s not necessarily from the 2D map itself. As they say, “The map is not the territory”. We can then view any language or symbol set as one of these maps, the question then becomes, how accurate is this map in relation to all of these other maps? This then goes back to my point of understanding the new Tree as a mathematical model, rather than the old one which is a construct.

I don’t see all of the information that’s been generated with the old model as 100% wrong, but I can’t see it as totally correct either. I would say it’s kind of like physics. Once Einstein proved general relativity, it didn’t “break” everything before it, rather forced the understanding of physics to a higher level. The current tree of life has all of the required symbols, so in one sense it’s not a bad map. This doesn’t mean that can’t be rebuilt to be much better though. For example, you can still make calculations with Newtonian physics, but won’t be as accurate as it could be, nor allow you to do the most advanced and precise calculations that we are doing in this time period; but it still works to some degree.


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4 – History of the game of Tarot

History of the game of Tarot

Was the game of Tarot actually made to encode hidden information?

Much of my thesis connects information from the historical game of Tarot, to deciphering the mystical system around it. There have been many rumors that the game was actually hiding secret knowledge, and I think that with this new view on the Tarot, I can now prove that. The following is easier to understand if you have some familiarity with game design.


The 121 pattern in trick taking games

Going all the way back to the beginning, I showed how this pattern that unlocks the Tarot is centered around a 1-2-1 pattern. What is significant about that though, is that this same pattern is used in the historical game of tarocchi. These types of games are built around a trick taking mechanism, which creates this 1-2-1 pattern, over and over again:



This pattern, that unlocks all of this stuff, has been hiding in plain sight this whole time. While you could say that the pattern is very common, and maybe its just a coincidence, if you examine more of the rules, you will see that it is actually deliberate. The pattern to unlock this has ALWAYS  BEEN encoded into the game itself.


78 cards unevenly split

The next big piece of evidence that the game was encoding information comes from the fact that there are 78 cards total. If you add or remove any cards from the total number of trumps, it throws off this perfectly symmetrical pattern of 1-2-4-8-4-2-1. You have to have 22 cards to do that, no more, no less.

What’s interesting though is that if you have: 14 courts, 40 minors, and 22 majors, along with 4 people playing the game, you can’t divide the cards evenly since 78 / 4 = 19.5

These games handle that by having players choose to pass cards, and then discarding a couple of them. In games like Hearts and Spades though, even though there is a passing mechanic, you don’t have a discard mechanic, since you don’t need one, because 52 / 4 = 13.

So lets say that hypothetically you were a game designer, why would you choose to include 22 cards for specifically that group of cards? If you were to choose 20 or 24, you could avoid having to pass cards or discard cards completely. As a game designer, you don’t want clunky mechanics in your game if you can avoid it, you want to streamline things as much as you can. So there is no “logical” reason, from a game design perspective, to pick 22 cards for the number of trumps.


Irrational ranking

I mentioned Irrational Ranking in the last post, going back to that for a moment, I noticed that this too is a strange and clunky mechanic. There really isn’t a good reason why would you design a game so that half of it flows in one direction, but the other half flows in another.  When playing the game, there is no fundamental game-play change, all it would do, would cause the player to get confused. This is actually why they call it “Irrational Ranking”, because it really doesn’t make much sense from a game-play perspective. Why have this rule in there at all then? When studying the evolution of the rules of game, this is one of the first things that would end up getting removed, it’s another clunky rule that just holds up the flow of game.


Game as hidden system

Once these systems are discovered though, we can then ask the question if these rules were in there for game play, or something else? If we take the view of these rules as a way to encode information, it would then make perfect sense as to why there are these three strange rules. Passing extra cards is there to preserve specific number of cards needed for the entire deck and give the key of 1-2-1 to the entire system. The specific number of 22 trumps are to preserve that data-set, and the irrational ranking is there to preserve ordering information.

If someone were to want to encode this information for future safe keeping, but keep it in an unchanged state out in the open; they could take all of the important stuff, like the 22 cards, and then build the game around it, which is probably what happened.

When these numbers and systems are encoded as a game, rather than actual mystical texts, they can fly under the radar, no problem. It also helps preserve the data, because people generally don’t mess with the rules of a game, especially if it’s viewed as a “classic”, whereas people are constantly tampering with esoteric knowledge


Did Tarot from Mamluk cards? Were they “Geomancy cards”?

Another potential connection from the history of playing cards, comes from an old deck that might have been  precursor to the early Tarot decks. This deck that has been often overlooked are called the “Mamluk cards” since they were found in Egypt, during a time of Mamluk rule.

What’s interesting about them though, is that they are visually very similar to the Visconti Tarot:

What’s interesting though is that the Mamluk deck predates the Visconti deck by at least a hundred years. During that time, in that area, the most predominate method of divination happened to be geomancy. Mamluk cards might then be the true source of what the Tarot evolved out of, but instead of just being playing cards, these Mamluk cards might actually “geomancy cards”. In fact, the equivalent of the court cards in this deck only has geometric designs on it, instead of a picture of an actual person (due to Islam’s taboos). On each of these those court cards at the bottom, they have a little piece of poetry that has kind of puzzled historians. There might have been originally 16 court cards in the deck, this might signify it’s connection then to geomancy since there are 16 figures in that system as well. Then it wouldn’t be a great leap of imagination to see this possible connection since there are 16 court cards in the Tarot, and the Major Arcana matches the pattern of produced by a geomantic chart exactly. This is extremely significant, because it was only viewed that the Tarot was originally just a game, and not a divination tool; but this finding might prove that the cards always had an intended meaning in divination.

In the late 14th century, Europeans changed the Mamluk court cards to represent European royalty and attendants. In a description from 1377, the earliest courts were originally a seated “King”, an upper marshal that held his suit symbol up, and a lower marshal that held it down.



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3 – Qliphothic Tarot cards and how to understand the deck as an algebraic equation through the formula of 100 = 0.

Qliphothic Tarot cards and how to understand the deck as an algebraic equation through the formula of 100 = 0.

After making this discovery, I started researching old rules from the game of Tarot in order to see if I could find clues as to new ways to understand the cards.

There was an obscure rule that I learned of called “irrational ranking” which assigns half of the minor arcana a negative value. For example, one suit of cards would be ranked from Ace, Two, Three … Nine, Ten. Whereas the irrationally ranked suit would be ranked from Ten, Nine … Three, Two, Ace; With the Ace being the high card.

The rules for this are archaic, so it isn’t easy to get information about, but it’s mentioned here: under “Different Ranking”. I will talk more about the historicalTarocchi in a minute, but what I’m connecting here has a historical precedent going back hundreds of years.

I thought to assign some negative values to the cards, and noticed that some significant numbers jumped out. For example, consider the following sequence of formulas:

  • 16+40+22=78
  • 8+-8+20+-20+22=22
  • 16+40+44=100
  • 8+-8+20+-20+22+-22=0


16 + 40 + 22 = 78

This is the currently known formula of the Tarot, 78 cards.

8 + -8 + 20 + -20 + 22 = 22

Once we add in this “negative” element to the cards and make half of the minors and court negative, you’re left with only a “positive” Major Arcana.

16 + 40 + 44 = 100

Since the Court and Pips balance each other out, I thought to myself, lets add another negative 22 cards to balance out the positive 22 of the Majors. If you add these missing 22, end up with an even 100 cards.

8 + -8 + 20 + -20 + 22 + -22 = 0

After adding another 22 cards, but then counting them negatively, it balances out the Tarot, like an algebraic formula, down to 0. Even though the courts, minors and majors have a different amount of cards for each area, they still then end up with a perfect balance and symmetry.

So what then are these extra 22 cards? They are Qliphothic cards, which counterbalance the 22 positive cards. By adding this missing piece, we can, we can balance the entire Tarot back to a zeroed out formula.

100 = 0

Once we add those extra cards, we can give each half a positive and negative value. In a certain way, each card is it’s own unique identity, but it’s also just a reflection of another card that energetically cancels it out.

“100 = 0” is a new extension of Crowley’s “0 = 2” formula:

In fact, a new updated way to understand the 0 = 2 formula is as follows:

(((1 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((-1 + -2 + -1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((-1 + -2 + -4 + -2 + -1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2) + (4 + 8) + (4 + 2 + 1)) + (-1 + -2 + -4 + -8 + -4 + -2 + -1)) = 100 = 2 = 0

As an example, check it out with the positive and negative values when computed in Wolfram alpha:

(((1 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((-1 + -2 + -1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((-1 + -2 + -4 + -2 + -1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2) + (4 + 8) + (4 + 2 + 1)) + (-1 + -2 + -4 + -8 + -4 + -2 + -1))*+2%29+%2B+%28%28-1+%2B+-2+%2B+-1%29+*+2%29%29+%2B+%28%28%281+%2B+2+%2B+4+%2B+2+%2B+1%29+*+2%29+%2B+%28%28-1+%2B+-2+%2B+-4+%2B+-2+%2B+-1%29+*+2%29%29+%2B+%28%28%281+%2B+2%29+%2B+%284+%2B+8%29+%2B+%284+%2B+2+%2B+1%29%29+%2B+%28-1+%2B+-2+%2B+-4+%2B+-8+%2B+-4+%2B+-2+%2B+-1%29%29

Same formula, just without the negatives:

(((1 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((1 + 2 + 1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 1) * 2) + ((1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 1) * 2)) + (((1 + 2) + (4 + 8) + (4 + 2 + 1)) + (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1))*+2%29+%2B+%28%281+%2B+2+%2B+1%29+*+2%29%29+%2B+%28%28%281+%2B+2+%2B+4+%2B+2+%2B+1%29+*+2%29+%2B+%28%281+%2B+2+%2B+4+%2B+2+%2B+1%29+*+2%29%29+%2B+%28%28%281+%2B+2%29+%2B+%284+%2B+8%29+%2B+%284+%2B+2+%2B+1%29%29+%2B+%281+%2B+2+%2B+4+%2B+8+%2B+4+%2B+2+%2B+1%29%29

This not only proves Crowley’s formula, but also gives each individual card a specific energetic value. While the math above might seem strange at first, if you understand Crowley’s formula of “0 = 2”, which is another way of saying “0 = 1 + -1”, does the same thing as balancing balancing the positive and negative; except we are splitting the 2 into a group of 50 positive cards, and a group of 50 negative cards.

While there isn’t a historical precedent to rank the court cards negatively, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. This negative ranking goes back centuries, so there is a strong case to view some of the cards in a negative sense.

After I made this change though and added these missing 22 cards, and saw that if you did with the negative value, it added up to zero, I started looking around for information to connect that to. I realized that this formula matches the information in Liber 231, which has 22 positive and 22 negative spirits. I’ve seen other people who have made decks that have 22 qliphotic cards, but none that had 44 trumps or understood the entire thing as a formula.

This new formula proves the necessity of this missing group of cards, and also proves that the Tarot is indeed a true symbol of the entire universe, since it can show any type of spiritual information and now be understood as being perfectly balanced to Zero.


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