8 – The Antichrist



Book of Law and Tahuti

A feast for Tahuti and the child of the Prophet–secret, O Prophet!


Tahuti and the Ogdoad.

The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket, Huh and Hauhet. The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes.[1] Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the male gods and female goddesses; indeed, the names of the females are merely derivative female forms of the male name. Essentially, each pair represents the male and female aspect of one of four concepts, namely the primordial waters (Nu and Naunet), air or invisibility (Amun and Amaunet), darkness (Kuk and Kauket), and eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet).[2]

In the former version, a mound arises from the waters. An egg was laid upon this mound by a celestial bird. The egg contained Ra. In some variants, the egg is laid by a cosmic goose. However, the egg was also said to have been a gift from Thoth, and laid by an ibis, the bird with which he was associated.

from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogdoad


Ogdoad and 1248421 in Secret Teaching of All Ages.

The ogdoad–8–was sacred because it was the number of the first cube, which form had eight corners, and was the only evenly-even number under 10 (1-2-4-8-4-2-1). Thus, the 8 is divided into two 4’s, each 4 is divided into two 2’s, and each 2 is divided into two 1’s, thereby reestablishing the monad. Among the keywords of the ogdoad are love, counsel, prudence, law, and convenience. Among the divinities partaking of its nature were Panarmonia, Rhea, Cibele, Cadmæa, Dindymene, Orcia, Neptune, Themis, and Euterpe (a Muse).

from: http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta16.htm



Eliphas Levi and the Seal of Hermes

He who decides to devote himself seriously to magical works, after fortifying his mind against all danger of hallucination and fright, must purify himself without and within for forty days. The number forty is sacred, and its very figure is magical. In Arabic numerals it consists of the circle, which is a type of infinite, and of the 4, which sums the triad by unity. In Roman numerals, arranged after the following manner, it represents the sign of the fundamental doctrine of Hermes and the character of the Seal of Solomon:

From: Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi. http://hermetic.com/crowley/aa/Rituel%20et%20Dogme%20de%20la%20Haute%20Magie%20by%20Eliphas%20Levi%20Part_II.pdf
Eliphas Levi and Ogdoad and Anti-Christ



THE Ogdoad is the number of reaction and of equilibrating justice. {37}

Every action produces a reaction.

This is the universal law of the world.

Christianity must needs produce anti-Christianity.

Antichrist is the shadow, the foil, the proof of Christ.

Antichrist already produced itself in the Church in the time of the Apostles: St. Paul said:—“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked One be revealed. …”9

The Protestants said: “Antichrist is the Pope.”

The Pope replied: “Every heretic is an Antichrist.”

The Antichrist is no more the Pope than Luther; the Antichrist is the spirit opposed to that of Christ.

It is the usurpation of right for the sake of right; it is the pride of domination and the despotism of thought.

It is the selfishness, self-styled religious, of Protestants, as well as the credulous and imperious ignorance of bad Catholics.

The Antichrist is what divides men instead of uniting them; it is a spirit of dispute, the obstinacy of the theologians and sectarians, the impious desire of appropriating the truth to oneself, and excluding others from it, or of forcing the whole world to submit to the narrow yoke of our judgments.

The Antichrist is the priest who curses instead of blessing, who drives away instead of attracting, who scandalizes instead of edifying, who damns instead of saving.

It is the hateful fanaticism which discourages good-will.

It is the worship of death, sadness, and ugliness. {38}

From: Key of the Mysteries by Eliphas Levi. http://hermetic.com/crowley/libers/lib46.html


The Book of the Law

Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet

We don’t need to do anything fancy or complicated, just keep it simple:

  1. Greater Beast
  2. A Beast of Earth
  3. Antichrist
  4. World Lord
  5. Apocalyptic
  6. Revelation
  7. Seven Seals
  8. The Lake of Fire
  9. I am Alpha and Omega
  10. God Almighty
  11. Second Coming



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