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11*11 = 108+13 = 121

11 * 11 = 121

This is just a small addition to the formula, 11 is obviously a very holy number and is mentioned quite specifically in The Book of the Law a couple times. 11*11 gives rise to this formula which then gives rise to the rest of the work.

108 + 13 = 121

This is another small addition to the formula I learned. 108 is considered by many religions to be a very holy number, and 13 considered by many to be an inauspicious number. I’m still working on this part, but it came to me in a significant way, so I know there is further work here.


One to One as wordplay.

When you say “One Two One” out loud, it can be interpreted as “One to One”. From this, you can also view 121 as a formula of how individual things relate to each other.

One can be viewed as a Micro or a Macro. Therefor “One to One” can be seen as One(singular, the self) to One(the whole). In another interesting way, you can view this Micro/Macro split much like As Above, So Below.

This dualistic view on the number 1 is fundamentally encoded in our brain. It’s is a function of nature to see individuals and groups as a single whole. The reality is the universe is a series of whole things which makes up a greater whole.


New view on the Trivium

Consider the Trivium as a series of layers which build upon each other.

The first layer, Grammar, has to do with any words or sentences that can be formed. (Any language)

The second layer, Logic, has to do with any logical statements created by those words when put together.

The third layer, Rhetoric, has to do with all potential ways that pieces of logic can be combined together.

“Apple cloth brick outside. North up nighttime when wolf would talk because. Don’t every crystal on the up. Lets dissect potential book stone reasonable thing.”

The above shouldn’t make any sense. While each of those are words, I’ve purposely not put any sort of logic into them. While we can see it is technically English because the words are English, it’s not really English because it lacks grammatical sense. You could take it a step farther and say grammatically correct things that are all “false”, but then you aren’t really ignoring the second layer, you are just purposefully subverting it.

Apples grow on trees. It’s nighttime while I’m writing this. I’m sitting next to my cat. I’m thirsty but I don’t have anything to drink in the fridge.

The above is following the Grammar and Logic layers, all of those things are logical and true, but then I’m purposefully subverting the third layer of Rhetoric, in that I’m not giving any sort of logical connection between each of these statements. While each of these statements can be proven true, there is no greater truth to be had between them.

I’ve really wanting to buy a new Tarot deck that I saw at a store. I don’t have enough money to buy that Tarot deck. I will work extra hours in order to make more money. After earning more money, I can then buy that Tarot deck.

While simplistic, there is a flow and reasoning behind each sentence, and each one builds upon the previous one. While I’m not an expert linguist, I’m pretty sure this is a fundamental pattern of just about every language. I would say, that this layer of information is where you would have most “Ideas”, in the sense that you have to combine multiple pieces of logic together, which then creates new insights. I believe that all political systems can be described in this area as well, but that’s a whole different topic.


Trivium abstracted into Quadrivium

Now that we have a functional system to abstract Word into Logic, and then further refines Logic tested against itself to create Rhetoric, how do we transform this information and go even higher up the stairs? After you’ve applied this same principle of reducing down the information, you have to apply a further level of logic, which then tests all rhetorical ideas against themselves, which then quantifies all of these possible logical structures. Once these structures are quantified into a finite set of arrangements, mathematics can emerge. The rest of the arrangement of the quadrivium is just abstractions of dimensions in numbers.

Once viewed in this way, we can view a very interesting progression of Chaos to Order, going from “Grammar” as Chaos, to “Astronomy” as Order.

Consider for example, in the realm of Grammar, which is the realm of language and symbol, that in different places in the world, the same word can mean different things: e.g. Taco in Mexico is one thing, Taco in Japan is another. You can create a word to mean anything, and anything can be then given a word. There is an inherent chaos to this level, but as you move up, into the realm of logic, all of those words get paired down into possible combinations, and then the logic is further refined in a number of ideas, etc.

Lets consider the “Numbers-Math” layer, and the jump up to Music-2D. Numbers can be abstracted in any way, whether or not they add up is another story, but there is a certain inherent freedom of movement there. Whereas with Music, there is a more limited range in what can be created. In this part of the trivium, they are not just teaching you music for pleasures sake, but rather to study harmonies, to see what numbers work together, what fits and what doesn’t.

If you then abstract even higher up from music to geometry, things are even more controlled. Consider how in music, you can create totally random noise; while it doesn’t sound nice, it doesn’t have to be “structurally sound”, whereas with 3D space, there is a required level of continuity. There is only so much that you can play around with 3D space, it has to fit within its own parameters. And finally, 4D space-time, this one is so ordered, that it is representation of perfect order.


Ordering of Senses according to 5 from winding staircase

Going back to the stairs again, lets take a look at the middle five steps: http://www.acacia11.com/winding_stair_case_op_640x960.jpg

  • Tasting
  • Smelling
  • Feeling
  • Seeing
  • Hearing

These are also all out of order, here’s my viewpoint on them. We can first organize these into a couple groups, we can put Seeing and Hearing together, considering what we were just talking about, we can quickly label these the 3D and 2D senses. These two senses don’t directly come into contact with other matter like touching, or tasting and smelling. Seeing and Hearing are from photons bouncing off of something, and vibrations traveling across the air, there is no exchange of material here.

Touching, we can put into its own group in the middle, since it neither gets data from far away, like hearing and seeing, it also doesn’t exchange material with the body, like tasting and smelling do.

Tasting and smelling, both of them obviously linked together, but which of them is more primal? I would say that tasting is, simply because it’s a necessity to eat to survive, whereas smelling would then be an extension of this sense, in order to find things to eat.

So to start with, lets put the first one as Tasting, this is full transfer of material into the body; the second as smelling, which is a slight transfer of material into the body; and the third as touch, which is still coming into contact with something, but then not transferring material.

The final two, seeing and hearing, I would simply say that hearing is probably developed first, simply because its a smaller data-set, and therefor would be quicker to evolve. Eyes as known to be some of the most complex structures inside of bodies, usually only coming in second place to the brain.

With this new arrangement, we can readjust the system as the following:

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Touching
  • Smelling
  • Tasting

If you were were to look at a face they would rank in the same order: Eyes above Ears, above Nose, above Mouth. Obviously touch is omnipresent, so you can’t exactly rank it.

Baphomet as a fractal 5, or 5-5-5

I’ve also figured out something very interesting about Baphomet. There actually is a secret formula hidden within Eliphas Levi’s drawing. It’s long been common knowledge that the body creates an upright pentagram, with two points being the hands, two points being the feet and the top point being the head.

It’s also been observed that the face/head also creates a downward pointing pentagram. If we map out all of the points on the face, we can create a the five pointed shape by connecting the two eyes, the two ears, and the mouth at the bottom.


At some point, I started wondering about the upright star on Baphomet’s head, why is it there and does it serve a purpose?

I remembered that 5 pointed stars actually create a fractal pattern within them. If you start with an upright star, you can create a downward star within it, and then an upright star within that, and then a downward star, ad infinitum: http://adamapollo.info/img/uni/1-05-Pentagram.jpg

If we take a picture of Baphomet and draw some pentagrams on it, an interesting pattern emerges:


In a strange way the points on the pentagrams match up well enough to consider the possible idea that this fractal relationship between these parts was on purpose. This Up-Down-Up pentagram arrangement might actually be a key part of understanding Baphomet. I’m still working on the correspondences, but consider the formula: 3 + 5 + 7 = 5 + 5 + 5


Sets of Pairs




The Trumps can also then be viewed as a series of dichotomies:

Fool and World : Self and Other

(Magician and High Priestess) against (Sun and Moon) : Internal vs External

(Lovers/Hierophant)+(Emperor/Empress) / (Judgement/Devil)+(Tower/Justice) : Coagula vs Solve

(Temprence+Hermit+Strength+Chariot) / (Death+Wheel+Stength+Star) : Motion vs Stillness



4-Card Pathways with new ordering System


There are also interesting energy pathways to be explored within the new system of the Trumps. Consider the Planet + Zodiacal Triad for a small 1-2-1 system within the greater 1-2-4-8-4-2-1 system.

Jupiter + Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces
4 angels

Saturn + Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn
Path of initiation

Mars + Aries/Leo/Sagittarius
Path of Power

Venus + Gemini/Libra/Aquarius


The 3 Squares


There are also square/dichotomy based on energy flows between 3 sets of cards

  1. Magician/High Priestess with Sun/Moon
  2. Empress/Emperor with Justice/Tower
  3. Hierophant/Lovers with Devil/Judgement


New Elementals – Dual Dichotomies

Coagula/Solve vs Inner/Outer

  • Water : Internal Coagula
  • Fire : External Solve
  • Earth : External Coagula
  • Air : Internal Solve
  • Imagination = Water
  • Willpower = Fire
  • Physical Creation = Earth
  • Logical Reduction = Air


4 sided die for elemental divination

I’ve received a new system of divination with the elements, I will talk more about this soon.


Magick Squares and Currents

I’ve also come to understand an interesting way to map magickal currents onto magic squares. I will write more about this soon, but the key to understanding this is how the 3-5-7 Masonic Staircase fits the proportions of the 3×3 Magic square.

I will explain this in depth another time.


New qlithotic schools of magick

From the geometries that are created, we can see how the qliphothic Tarot cards can be viewed. From here, we can then create an entire new set of geometries based on them, to create qlithotic schools of magick of the following spiritual systems: the I-Ching, the Chakras, the 357 Winding Stairs and Geomancy.



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